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Cordelia & John luv Sadie

Year: 2012
Smooch! Project Archive Category: The Smooch! Sandwich Collection
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CORDELIA ANDERSON is one of the most dedicated advocates for the protection of children I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Lucky for me, she is also a Smooch! Project Hero, one of those amazing people who have helped move this project forward. Here, you see a Smooch! Sandwich photo of her family: life partner John and teenage daughter Sadie. I collected this photograph during a Smooch! shoot during the 2012 Demand the Change for Children (DCC), a grassroots and multidisciplinary collaboration of child protection individuals and organizations held at the Mall of America. Utilizing her 36-plus years of experience of working on behalf of children, Cordelia skillfully coordinated the first DCC event that included more than 40 individuals and organizations with a focus on preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of childen. The Smooch! Project was very happy to be one of them. We collected many beautiful photos that day, including the one of Cordelia and her family. You can see all the photos here: Smooch! Archive pics, Smooch! Sandwich pics, and Smooch! Ellen pics. You should know that Cordelia’s efforts on behalf of children far exceed her work on DCC. To learn more about the wide range of experience and services she offers on behalf of vulnerable kids, take a look at her website. But Cordelia’s help to put the power of the Smooch! to good use in the world is what really makes her a Hero. Collaborating with her and the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA), we’re working to get the attention of comedienne Ellen Degeneres, in the hopes of gaining her support for DCC and the Smooch! (As part of this effort, check out the hilarious Smooch! Ellen photos we’ve created for this purpose.) Soon, via Cordelia’s invitation, I’ll shortly be included in a web-conference sponsored by the Ms Foundation for Women entitled, The Role of Arts in Ending Child Sexual Abuse. I am so grateful for her support. Given Cordelia’s energy and commitment to kids as well as the Smooch!, I’m looking forward to future collaborations with this energetic woman. Thanks, Cordelia!

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I was so intrigued. I look at your pics of  “the affections of others” for a glimpse through a little window into their lives and  know — this is what art is: Capturing a fleeting moment in time and letting it speak to the viewer. What a cool message of peace as well! Let’s spread it around!

Kay N.


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