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SMOOCH! PHOTO: Archive for December, 2008

Tonight, we bowl!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A classic wintry Minnesota Smooch! pic was collected during the Holiday on 44th Celebration, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 6, 2008. Now found in the Smooch! Project Archive category Together: Young Love (1-4 years) Amy luvs Todd captures this engaged couple outfitted in true Northern Minnesota outdoor regalia. Special mention must be made of Amy’s beautiful black knit cap with red trim and tassel, emblazoned with the words, “TONIGHT WE BOWL.” It’s true — a picture IS worth a thousand words. You soon be able to find this image plus many more on the new Smooch! Project website. Speaking of which . . .

New Smooch! website set to roll out in early Jan ’09

The new Smooch! Project website is under construction and is looking really good, if we may say so ourselves! More than 100 never before published images from the archive will be featured. Site visitors will be able to sort the collection by keyword, view slideshows, and email selected pics to friends and family. More archive images will be added each month.

Four Smooch! shoots earlier this month means a pile of photos to sort, edit, and privately post for all of the recent Smooch! participants. These images are being worked on in conjunction with the new website. Emails will go out in early January to all involved, inviting participants to privately view all the photos taken of themselves and their loved ones. If you are a December Smooch! participant, look for this email in the next week or so.

Only one Smooch! Shoot scheduled for ’09 (so far!)

To date, there is only one Smooch! shoot scheduled for 2009: February 7 at the Walker Art Center (see calendar to the right). But if you are an aspiring Smooch! Project participant and cannot make that one, do not despair! The calendar will be updated frequently and several more shoots are in the planning stages. Stay tuned. Until then, good holidays to all!

Time to kiss this year goodbye!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only 10 more days left in 2008. No more Smooch! shoots this year. What photo should be used to commemorate this point in time? After careful review, the final selection shown was drawn from the Smooch! Project Archive category All in the Family: Siblings, entitled Molly luvs Lee-Lee. During shoot # 43, held at the Nov. 7, 2008 Seward Arts Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 12-year-old twin sisters Molly and Nina (always referred to as Lee-Lee) deigned to be photographed for The Smooch! Project ONLY if they were allowed to pose for an “air kiss.” After instructing the clueless photographer on exactly what this meant, the dynamic duo then proceeded to demonstrate with great verve how one gives and accepts an air kiss. Their stances, hairstyles and coloring lends a definite Renaissance painterly look to this contemporary image. A fitting salute to 2008: Molly representing the past and Lee-Lee looking toward the future. 2009 is looking very good!

2009 is only 11 days away — Yikes! So much to accomplish between now and then: Four Smooch! shoots worth of photos collected in December to prepare and upload for participants to view as well as rolling out the new Smooch! Project website, now under construction. Exciting times ahead! Be sure to stay tuned.

Make that a triple Smooch!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Smooch! three-shoot weekend is now at an end. Smoochers abound! Well, truthfully, it was a bit slow at least some of the time. A nice, welcome change of pace for the project. The official stats will be updated in a week or so. Too soon to yet say how many people were photographed or calculate how many archive images were gathered. But the total number of photos captured over the weekend: 1,210 images. Not bad for a cold Minnesota weekend filled with snow flurries, and a national recession to boot! A few pics from the shoots will be posted next week.

The Smooch! volunteers this weekend were total rock stars. Six Smooch! newbies stepped forward to help out over the three shoots and with a little bit of instruction, were off and running. Everyone had a great time — volunteers and participants alike. This project would be not be possible without the help and support of these great and generous people. You’ll be hearing more about them in upcoming Smooch! Project Featured Volunteer entries.

A few Smooch! highlights from the weekend: Bellydancers are now included in the archive collection. Very fun! Also added were several dogs.  A huge cat named Prince made his lordly appearance with two of his human attendants. One unique participant offered a ‘universal smooch’ to the world. These photos turned out amazingly well and one will be selected to take its rightful place in The Smooch! Project archive. Finally, an invitation was offered to The Smooch! Project to hold a shoot during an annual science fiction / fantasy convention in July 2009. Thousands of costumed people all converging into one location. Klingons! Borg! String bikinis! If all goes as anticipated, The Smooch! Project will likely be there collecting some of the most unique Smooch! photos ever. May all beings live long and prosper!

Going postal

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